Project Description

This is, in part, how ROOMSERVICE Productions began:  David Kenneth de Bruce leads a team who’s mission is to connect people and businesses who are dedicated to the Best Quality, Outstanding Customer Care, and the Authentic Experience.  They provide curated recommendations for the best places to Stay, Eat, Visit, Play, and Shop, both at Home and when travelling.

They are dedicated to being the Trusted Voice in a crowded web of unreliable lists and anonymous reviews, and believe that Trusted Recommendations must come from people who have been there and who know what they’re talking about.

The show and their Social Media Platforms only features the places where they personally Stay, Eat, Visit, Play and Shop.  They also feature the best Galleries, Museums, Festivals, Special Events, Concerts, Sporting Events, community celebrations, charitable events and more…

If a business is invited to be featured on an episode, we are essentially filming that very real and unscripted experience to share with their many viewers and followers.

We anticipate filming 12 Episodes annually for each ROOMSERVICE Destination, plus Travel Episodes that showcase their favourite places, and how they find the best places to Stay, Eat, Visit, Play, and Shop.

Photography…more on request.