Project Description

The Ottawa Symphony Orchestra is a professional ensemble renowned for its presentation of large symphonic works. Tracing it’s roots over 115 years, the current organization has existed continuously since 1965.  It exists to provide a professional forum for local musicians to share their musical knowledge, talent and passion in our community: for lovers of symphonic music, the uninitiated, our city’s youth—and you!

Over an entire season, we had access to concerts, rehearsals and special events.  Creating their story was an immense pleasure and we made many friends.

From David:  Having played and loved the violin since childhood, I’m an avid symphony fan and attend many of the concerts.  The Ottawa Symphony makes me feel at home, both in the audience and in my involvement with the Orchestra.  I’ve spent time with Alain Trudel and his family in this capacity, and can tell you that he is passionate and dedicated to music as a whole, the Orchestra and it’s patrons, and certainly the young players up and coming.  I hope to see you in the audience for the 2019 season at Dominion-Chalmers, the Orchestra’s new home.