Every project is unique and catered to our clients’ needs, but here’s the general answer to that question…


Our Initial Meeting will end with a clear understanding of your business, your overall goals, and your vision for this new project.

  1. We listen to you.

  2. We ask questions…lots of them.

  3. We Shut Up…and listen to your answers!

These answers added to our creative insight and technical expertise will allow us to organize the project and achieve that vision.


We want to experience your business as a customer would.

Then we’ll conduct interviews with key players in order to gain a strong, research-driven understanding of what will make your story resonate with it’s intended audience.

We use this understanding to drive the Creative Brief and indeed the entire project.


We take our creative brief and create a logistical game plan to implement it. We map out the necessary equipment, shooting days, editing days, and put down a schedule.

Here’s where things get moving!


Lights, camera, action!

We arrive on the day with our production crew and all the equipment.  We capture all the elements needed to piece together the perfect story as mapped out in our creative brief. We make sure the day goes smooth by having a clear agenda and communicating everything well in advance, and we’re always prepared for the unknown.

This is the fun part!


This is where the magic happens.

After selecting and cutting the footage, we begin to assemble the pieces and bring it all together. When the video is paired with post-production elements such as music, voiceovers, well it’s magical.

In the end, we’ll have an amazing video that tells your story and is ready for it’s intended audience.


After any minor revisions are completed, we deliver your project in the files as outlined in the creative brief and delivery instructions.

We safely archive all files for future projects.

We thrive on creating Authentic experiences and Telling stories

Our success is built on the connections we make with our customers

…let’s get started!